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Jump Then Fall

(Cat Headband from Yospree; Jump Sweater from Valleygirl; Black Skirt from; Silver Platform Shoes from Stevemadden)

BEEDOOBEEDOO! I'm back! I updated two blog posts at one day hehehe. I just want to tell you about my sweater, it so nice, simple wear, and also cheap priceeee HAHAHA! I love valleygirl shop <3 Valleygirl is located at Melbourne, Australia. I hope Valleygirl is open their store at Indonesia '3'. Anyway, my silver platform shoes is my birthday gift from my third aunt, I got it at Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta. Okay that's all. See yaaaa!!


Flew Away

(Top from Forever 21; Transparant Long Skirt from; Stocking Tattoo from Yospree; Boots from Promod.)

Guys, what's up ? This is my first time wear a long skirt. Is it nice ? hehehe. Anyway, pardon for my same boots, because i tooked a photos with the same day hehehe. I like my long skirt, it looked so nice you know? Are you agree with that ? 



Young And Beautiful

(Photographer by Melightography a.k.a. Melody Amadea; Flip Cap by Yospree; Studded Top by Forever 21; Studded Pants by Forever 21; Stocking Tattoo by Yospree; Black Boots by Promod.)

Hi hi hi readers!! It's been a long time, huh. Waa! Today's photoshoot was done by a professional photographer. In case you guys are interested, I hired melightphotograohy as my photographer. I am really satisfied with the photos. Btw I just got back ftom Singapore 2 days ago to visit my cousins, and also went shopping with them. And of course! bought manymanymanymany clothes yay!! So there will be more post to come in the future! See ya! I'll post something soon so keep calm and wait!!