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Hi guys! Such a long time we didn't meet.
Here, I want to introduce you my Online shop via Instagram

HYPEEP is launching on July 2014 starts from Instagram. I sell a lot of average high branded things. Like Forever 21, ZARA, Topshop, New Look, etc. I'd also sell a sweets from Japan like Kitkat Greentea, Strawberry Cheesecake, Dark chocolate, else. You can check them out via Instagram. CLICK HERE

And all the things I sell are ORIGINAL from the brand.

The stocks are PRE ORDER and READY STOCK, I will add on the caption if that thing is PO/READY. Definetely, if you follow the PO, You need a bit of calm because it takes 2 weeks, less or more. 

The payment here via BCA.

You can also check the website, but the website still in progress hahaha so, just waiting!
And I thought, if the website too complicated, I would like to make a Blog for HYPEEP.
Well, just waiting what will happen soon hahahaha. 

Alright, order from now! 

Rachael Iskandar // HYPEEP 


Trip to Bali

(Bag from H&M ; Tops from Cotton On, Roxy, Topshop ; Skirts from Yospree, Cotton On ; Short from Roxy ; Bikini from Roxy ; Platform from Cleoboots, New Look ; Sandal from Cotton On ; Outer from ZARA)

Such a long time yepp we didn't meet hihi
Now, I want to share my trip to Bali last month, I felt so enjoy there! I'd enjoyed with my first bikini as well HAHAH sounds so lol, right? But it's true, I was shy to wear my bikini hahahah so I thought, why not? Just enjoyed and nevermind people :> as well, there are so many of my friends that judge me something, but who cares? I loved this :>

I also made some tattoos on my hand and my arm. The types are "WEIRDO" and the last one is "IV-X" hahaha it means orang aneh and the date when I was born January 4th 2000 :> hihi

I stayed in Grand Mirage Hotel at Nusa dua, Bali. You'll be like that place, so why not? Get your holiday in there and stay at Grand Mirage Hotel! :) click here for more information about these hotel.

Over all, this is a pleasure that I'll never forget! Such an unforgetable moment for came to Bali :> 

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Clik here too for my VLOG to Bali. Please kindly like, comment, and subscribe, Thanks in advance <3

see yaaa!


Heaven of Fashion at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Hi Guys, Strangers, Lovers and Haters *lol what? 
I would like to tell you about my favourite shopping mall in my town, Jakarta, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. It's located at Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta Pusat. 

Okay today, I was hunting in here to get some photos and wish that I will get lucky from Grand Indonesia Shopping Town! This is gonna be my tired day, but I'm not feel the tired at all bcos I got my Heaven time here to shopping and bought my favourite clothes at Fashionable stores! 

There are a lot of branded things and nice foods and many coolest things! And why I loved this mall so much? It's because a lot of stores that sell branded clothes with my type! It's such a Heaven time when I had shopping! Are you the freakin out teenager or the Fashion lover?  So, don't need any excuse anymore! Come to Grand Indonesia Shopping Town! You will feel so regret if you too lazy for coming there, I bet you will forget about anything around you and just focus with your shopping time HAHAHHAH.


Here, some stores inside : 

It's me, in front of GUESS ACCESSORIES store. I didn't buy it, but I came inside for a while and I saw that the bags, clutches, watches, etc, were so nice! GUESS ACCESSORIES is held for Discount 50%. Come and get it!

2. (X)S.M.L

Here, another coolest store at Grand Indonesia. They sell some stuffs, about t-shirts, shirts, shorts, tank tops, cardigans, bags, shoes, heels, else! The color and pattern of those all are so vintage! For vintage lovers, definitely you all gonna love it!


WAREHOUSE held Discount 50% off now! They sell some simple and easy going clothes! Not too expensive and the qualities are nice!


For you that loves a super comfy and fashionable Tee, sure you need to go here, DAMN! I LOVE INDONESIA. This Tee made by Daniel Mananta. The colors are simple and cool ever! 

And for a while, I got lunch at Grand Indonesia's Mall. I ate Es campur, it felt so tasty and the sweets are balance! You gonna love it much! 

 5. FOREVER 21

'Kay, then.... This is my favourite store at all, indeed! You know what?! FOREVER 21 is sell a lot of stunning, coolest, best, elegant and so comfort to wear! The prices aren't too expensive, so I can bought many things there just for 1 Million Ruppiahs. You don't need to dizzy, bcos you can buy 5-10 things without heavy costs! RRGH... definitely, you gonna love, adore, like all of clothes here! and so do I hehe. 


 Okay... I really can't wait for this! TOPSHOP's clothes are so nice as well, looks so Fashionable and Stunning as always! But, the prices not bad to buy :>

 7. H&M

This is my second favourite store! H&M's clothes are look a like FOREVER 21, so stunning but looked a bit simple and easy going. The prices are not bad to buy, you can buy 3-5 things without heavy costs too, such a 700k or less. 

8. VNC

 Here, you can found many nicely high heels, comfy bags, easy to wear stuffs and pretty clutches! Just look at the stores, so cool right? Wait what? Come here then, and the prices are not bad, it depends on you too choose the quality and the costs! HEHEH


Okay then, they were my Fashion Heaven stores at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Actually, I need to took some photos again, but my Mother was tired, so we came home early :< My favourite third store is ZARA, the store at Grand Indonesia is so big and large store! Come there and get a lot of Fashion stuffs there.

and look at my photos, my Grey Crop Tee from TOPSHOP. My Messenger Bag from ZARA, and my Heels from ZARA too! Found it at ZARA if you like it :> 


So, what else? Come and Get a lot of Fashion Branded Stuffs at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town! And Get some Discounts there! You will feel like you in Heaven of Fashion! Don't forget to check they link at if you want to get some info(s) from them :)
(Taken photos by Me , Rachael Iskandar)