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Hi guys! Such a long time we didn't meet.
Here, I want to introduce you my Online shop via Instagram

HYPEEP is launching on July 2014 starts from Instagram. I sell a lot of average high branded things. Like Forever 21, ZARA, Topshop, New Look, etc. I'd also sell a sweets from Japan like Kitkat Greentea, Strawberry Cheesecake, Dark chocolate, else. You can check them out via Instagram. CLICK HERE

And all the things I sell are ORIGINAL from the brand.

The stocks are PRE ORDER and READY STOCK, I will add on the caption if that thing is PO/READY. Definetely, if you follow the PO, You need a bit of calm because it takes 2 weeks, less or more. 

The payment here via BCA.

You can also check the website, but the website still in progress hahaha so, just waiting!
And I thought, if the website too complicated, I would like to make a Blog for HYPEEP.
Well, just waiting what will happen soon hahahaha. 

Alright, order from now! 

Rachael Iskandar // HYPEEP 

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