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1. Gabriella Olivia 
She's so kawaii and swag like a Harajuku! Outift that she wore are so crowded but it looked so stunning! Here, photo's of Her... 

2. Elisa & Jessica Yamada
Both of them are siblings, they have a face that more than cute! I loved of their outfits, simple, ordinary but looked so gorgeous! Here...

3. Anastasia Siantar 
She's the one of International blogger from Indonesia. I love her daily outfit, not too cute but seems so mature looks. 

4. Sonia Eryka 
She's the one of International blogger from Indonesia, too, like Anastasia Siantar! Her styles are so vintage , I'm so in love with those things errrr, and her voice's so nice, deep voices but gorg' 

5. Delvanni 
Here you go, she's so minimalist styler! Almost on every outifts are black and white or natural colour clothes. I think she doesn't like too much color on her photo, but still stunning and vintage <3 


(i'm sorry, i can't describe more about them. I just will post some photos and link of their blog website of my fav' overseas bloggers.)

1. Chloe Ting 

2. Luanna Perez

3. Tricia Gosingtian 

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