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I want you to stay

Doggy Shirt from, Leather Bag from Gucci (borrowed from my sister),
Leather skirt from @yospree Instagram , Studded Boots from Topshop (borrowed from my sister)

Today I went to shop around Melbourne with my sister It's my second week in here and I can tell you Melbourne is an awesome place to stay! I really love shopping with my sister because she's such a fun person and also very fashionable. You can see from the pictures above that I actually borrowed her bag and boots because they are just simply awesome and irresistible! Yepp so she brought me around the town and we visited a lot of places such as Federation Square, CBD, South Yarra and Docklands. I had a lot of fun! It was tiring though as we had to walk from places to places but it was indeed worth it!
So yeah guys this is my first ootd post. Do you guys like it? My sis helped to take those pictures for me. Honestly she is the one who suggested for me to make a fashion blog. How ironic! because she is 1000000000x more fashionable than me. I asked her why she does not want to make one and she said that she is lazyyyyyy. Such a waste! hmpph

So yeah keep reading my blog! I will update this every week (hopefully)
So make sure to catch up with me yeah? 

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