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(Top = Unbranded ; Pants = Valley girl ; Heels = Zara ; Messenger bag = Zara)

Hi, Blog reader! 
I'm free from my Mid Test at School and spend my times to make this post, but not at all, bcos my sacrifice will going through May. Wish me luck! And you know what, my scores are nice and my parents were proud of me <3 hehe

Anw, these photos took a long time ago before my blog still  , but i think i forgot to post it hhh. So here we go...

I took my photo at Pullman hotel, behind of Central park mall, Jakarta. 

I guess it's enough bcos actually I dont know what should I type anymore, here T_T kekeke ~ 


By the way, don't forget to watch my Inside My Make Up Pocket  in YouTube, here u are : 

I'm sorry, the durations were so long hh :< 

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